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VEIKK New product launched -- A15 Pen tablet with 4 different colors

2019/03/28 17:16

VEIKK A15 pen tablet will be come out to market on April.

The features for A15 are as following:

1) 10x6 inch

2) 8192 levels pressure with battery-free pen

3) 12 customizable express keys

4) 4 different colors-Red,Gold,Blue,Grey

5) Type C USB connection

The difference between A50 and A15:

1. The A50 has 8 express customizable express keys and A15 has 12 keys

2. The A15 has 4 different colors for choosen, and A50 only has black

The difference between A30 and A15:

1.The keys on A30 are all touch keys and A15 are press keys

2.A15 has 4 different colors and A50 only has black